I design and develop surface materials.

Why do surface materials matter?  Because studies show colors evoke an emotional response, can make the user experience more enjoyable and improve productivity. Additionally, surface materials help to convey a brand personality, instruct the user in the use of a product, and send a message of comfort, value, trustworthiness, or the opposite. Surface materials can make or break a product.

At Killingstad Design I understand the business of materials as well as the design of them. Using my product management experience I research and develop concepts into cohesive plans to accomplish your goals.

When I am consulting, my clients come first. To me, that means communication is of the utmost importance while collaborating. I listen and respond to your needs and focus to keep costs down and remain in budget at all times. It’s my goal to create quality work while sticking to the timelines of each project.


During my 20-year career, I have compiled a wide range of knowledge in the manufacturing processes for each material type and know how to overcome their process limitations. Color and design are not only my work, they are my passion, and keeping up with the latest trends is an integral part of my product development process. I compile information from a variety of sources including popular culture, the economy, fashion, nature and technology, and synthesize it in context with the project I am working on to create market specific products for my clients.

My mission during project discovery is to listen closely to you - to fully understand your product, market and intent in order to craft with your vision in mind. Incorporating my broad experience in materials, finishes, color, and design trends, I formulate a plan to create solutions that are fresh, resonate with customers and succeed in competitive markets.



- Color Development for Textiles, Paint, Plastic, Laminate, Veneer
- Textile Development (Pattern and Construction)
- Materials Development
- Color and Trend Reports
- Market Research