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As an industry leader in office furniture, Herman Miller understood the need for a fresh materials palette. The offering of their standard textiles had not been updated in several years and was past due for a makeover. Working alongside Susan Lyons, Textiles 1.0, a new generation of textiles from Herman Miller, was launched.


Our approach in reinvigorating the collection was 3 fold - define our goals, analyze where the holes were in the existing collection and fill the holes with purposeful, relevant choices. 

The new textiles honored Herman Miller's design legacy and were made of practical materials that had integrity, clarity and honesty. 


Photos courtesy of Herman Miller.
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Steelcase launched a new category of collaborative seating with the Cobi and i2i chairs. This new design required a completely new color palette for enhanced presentation. The palette needed to reflect the stimulating, productive and enjoyable aspect of the furniture in this innovative category.

Using Steelcase’s surface material framework and knowledge of color and design trends,  we created a palette that reinvented their surface material offering by being bright, bold and optimistic. A subset of colors that were relevant to the larger canvas of c:scape were incorporated as accent paint colors.

 As the new palette received positive feedback from the field, we adapted it for the 3D knit of the ergonomically adaptable Think chair and the plastics of the flexible Node school chair. The new colors fit well with the design intent of the products and designers and specifiers could easily coordinate finishes across multiple product platforms, using them to create brand statements and wayfinding throughout a space.


Photos courtesy of Steelcase.
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Gather was one of the first collaborative furniture collections by Allsteel and has cultivated immense success since the time of its launch. Being that it was a new product platform untested in the marketplace and was targeted toward higher-ed and healthcare environments meant we had our work cut out for us. Collaborators were in charge of creating a solution that would be durable, would upholster well over complex shapes, and still showcase a stunning appeal.

Working with a team of people representing HOK, IDa Design, Gunlocke and Allsteel, we created a strategy and developed a core collection of textiles that would perform well in high volume environments and still look great.

Bright accent paints and textured laminates were added allowing users to achieve a high value look at a lower cost. The simplicity and beauty of the colors and materials highlighted the sculptural quality of each furniture piece, while meeting their performance needs.



Allsteel wanted a comfortable, distinctive task chair that would support users in all situations at a lower price-point. A flexible, open back design covered with a spacer knit reduced material costs while creating a semi-transparent skin that allowed the pattern of the back to show through.

We developed a bright color palette to highlight the modern design intent of the chair.  By offering 4 colors on the back in addition to the standard choices for base, arms and frame, designers we able to customize the look of the chair to fit any type of space.



While working at Allsteel I was tasked with creating the “best woodgrain laminate offering in the business”.  They were launching a new casegoods product and wanted the laminate portfolio to match the clean, modern aesthetic of the furniture. 

By mapping out the current laminates in a color framework, and keeping existing paints, plastics and solid laminates in mind, we added several new species as well as texture and sheen options to create an authentic appeal to the laminate. Edgebands were developed to match. This new laminate collection helped Involve become one of the best-selling products at Allsteel.

Photos courtesy of Allsteel.
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Dekko is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of electrical power distribution systems and energy management. You can find Dekko electrical products being utilized in workplace, education, hospitality and healthcare markets.


The team at Dekko chose me to develop a collection of “accent colors” for their power and data product, Ashley Duo. The final palette reflects the influence of technology, nature, and optimism for the future, and coordinates well with their customers’ paints and plastics.

Photos courtesy of Dekko.
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The new colors of Ashley Duo
launched at Neocon 2016.  



pattern pod

COLOR STRATEGY offers seamless patterns that can be purchased and applied to an array of products for everyday use - think coffee mugs, note cards, iPhone covers or even wallpaper!  I had the opportunity to color Pattern Pod’s trendy collections of patterns for a variety of markets such as residential, healthcare and kitchen and bath.


Photos courtesy of Pattern Pod.
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