Color trends 2018

I’ve been wondering recently about the color trends of 2018, what will they be?  Here are a few that I’ve come up with.  How do you think color will change in 2018?  What do you think the trends are that will affect color? 


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The boundaries between virtual and real worlds will become more porous and accepted.

INFLUENCES: New York Times sending "goggles" to subscribers, Realtors selling real estate using VR.  Also used in healthcare and education.

DRIVING TREND: VR technology is developed and perfected.  We will be spending more time in the virtual world working, playing, shopping and communicating.

Colors echo positivity, mystery and the future, as well as colors of equipment used.


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People want to escape from their hectic lives and live simply.

INFLUENCES: The popularity of little houses, the resurgence of "old fashioned" (cast iron) cookware, growing your own food.

DRIVING TREND: Millennials are not as concerned with accumulating stuff.  Also our lives have become more stressful and out of control, we want to slow down and appreciate the "important" things in life like health, family, good food and happiness.

Colors reflect health, purity, simplicity, energy, growth and depth.


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This trend reflects the growing global eclecticism that is inclusive of all ethnicities and cultures.

INFLUENCES: Refugees moving to seek a better life, immigration reform, seeing the influx of different cultures in the city I live in.

DRIVING TREND: People seeing a better life in a new country, racial divisiveness turns into acceptance.

Colors are strong and saturated, warms and cools, anchored by a dark brown.





Natalie Killingstad